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Internship Program

Click on the link below to apply!



Any questions? Feel free to email our Internship Director, Benjamin.

Applications due March 17th!

Psi Chi's Internship Program offers a chance to get behind the scenes of what is it like being an executive board member at the International Honor Society of Psychology. Interns will have the opportunity to work hand in hand with executive board members to prepare for the position. If all goes well, at the end of the internship, the intern may receive an acceptance as an Executive Board member for the 2023 - 2024 year!


All current and newly admitted Psi Chi members are encouraged to apply. A background in your intern position of your choosing is a plus!


Please note if you would like to become an Executive Board Member for the 2023-2024 year, you must complete the Internship Program!

Open Positions:

Vice President

  • Assumes the responsibilities of the president if the president is unable to attend a meeting or event.

  • Coordinates fee waivers for the annual MPA conference.

  • Assists with planning of Matchmaker and induction ceremony.

  • Liason for Center of Student Involvement (CSI) compliance.

  • Manage application form submissions and distribute follow ups for members.

  • Assist and check in with all board members.

Event Coordinator

  • Plan new events.

  • Handle external and internal communication related to programming.

  • Email with Psychology Department for booking rooms.

  • Coordinate with members who missed Induction to receive their Regalia.


  • Collect membership application fees.

  • Notifies students of membership acceptance.

  • Keeps up with the finances of the chapter.

  • Prepares an annual budget.

  • Helps plan social events for the chapter.

  • Coordinates chapter publicity.

Media Director

  • Maintain and update Psi Chi’s website.

  • Create and posts content on Psi Chi’s social media platforms.

  • Add opportunities as they come.

  • Create posters and flyers for events.

  • Check in with Vice President and Chief of Staff for posting content in a timely manner.

Chief of Staff

  • Be the primary respondent for the Psi Chi's email.

  • Manage weekly update emails to listserv, advertising events, tutoring, and resources.

  • Continue to find Chicago-area resources and events for emails.

  • Promote Psi Chi and recruit new members.

  • Help new members with the registration process.

  • Maintain records of current and past members.

Tutor Coordinator

  • Recruit and manage new tutors.

  • Publish and maintain tutoring schedule.

  • Improve and gather feedback on tutoring.

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